Photo of the Ceremonial Dance Circle
Ceremonial Dance Circle Free

While visiting the Indian Village, don’t miss a performance at the Dance Circle. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for Native American traditions as you watch six authentic tribal dances:

  • The Omaha (called the War Dance by white settlers)
  • The Shield and Spear
  • The Eagle
  • The Zuni-Comanche
  • The Mountain Spirit
  • The Friendship dances

If you’re a child, you’ll be invited to join the dancers for the Friendship dances.

Photo of the Eagle The Eagle

At Disneyland, the Cermonial Dance Circle was part of the park’s Indian Village. When the Indian Village closed in 1971, so did the Dance Circle.

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Indian Village

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Photograph of the Indian Dance Circle: 1958 by Helmut Weiss.
Photograph of the Eagle dance: 1958 by Merrill A. Garner.